The Ice Broken In Norwegian Gambling Industry

Gambling Commission of Norway has recently published the results of the continuous research of problems caused by gambling in the country. The manuscript covers more than 10,000 responses, and as a result, and it was concluded that the problem was reduced in its scale.

Thus, the government is considering the options to introduce the changes to gaming legislation aiming at liberalisation of the gambling market; legalisation of online poker is another major event associated with the research. Thus, fortunately for gambling lobbyists, voted for adopting a new policy after the tough years of 2009 – 2010 for gambling businesses, the affair resulted in a success.

However, another major aspect that contributed to putting plans on hold was a number of issues existed in connection with the statements of the EU. Even though Norway is not associated with EU membership, it is still a full-fledged member of the European Economic Area, therefore it is subjected to many of the rules of the EU regulation.

According to the survey, as little as 4.7% of participants play online poker, and only 0.2% bet considerable money – the sum of more than $5,000 for the entire previous year is meant.

The results also reveal that poker belongs to a moderately low risk factor group of gambling. With a score of 1.09 out of 10, poker is left behind by such gambling entertainments as bingo casino (8.33), online bingo (7.25) and Bellagio (5.95).

The report touched 5 million of Norwegian population, and it is stated that 6.8% of adults can be classified as low-risk players, 2.4% fall into the category of players with a moderate risk, and 0.6% represent the group of high potential gambling addiction risk. In comparison with earlier similar studies, recent data indicates a decrease in problems related to gambling.

Apart from gambling entertainment, the questions in the surveys also covered video and social games. According to the results 22.9% gambled in social networks, while 9.8% regularly buy credits or make payments online in other games on Facebook. Additionally, the research mentions that Norwegian population follows a global European tendency to play at foreign casinos. As stated by gambling Online casino NBSO.CA center, Norwegian online traffic is not characterised by huge quantities and rapid increases; however, the amount of money spent by Norwegian players fall into the leading group.

Surprisingly, the majority of social gamers were women. 3% of the respondents were classified as problem video game players and 0.3% as players with pronounced addiction.

An assumption in the report was made that the new positive decrease dynamics is very likely to be tightly interconnected with a new advertising control methods introduced in 2012. The fact should be underlined that women who have become champions in the survey about the problems of gambling and people not born in Norway, supported the regulation of gambling. Men, people with less risk of gambling addiction, and those not born in Norway were not that positive to the regulation of gambling.