History of gambling in Australia: brief overview

There are many factors that have influenced the way gambling takes place in Australia. The Australian society has accepted the concept just to make sure that it becomes a way of earning for some. Though it is not recommended by the government at all still people think that gambling in Australia is a profession. It is a huge economic activity and the impacts the GDP as well as the per capita income of the people living in the country. Australia is perhaps the only country that has made sure that the gambling set of rules are made easy for the people living here unlike the other advanced societies of the US and the UK. The government with the passage of time has come to realize that it is a very profitable business and adds to the income of the state as well.

There are many points which are to be considered if you want to know more about the history of gambling in Australia. It is important to note that the Australian gambling is highly influenced by the purest form of Chinese gambling i.e. Keno. There are many lotteries in Australia that works on the same mechanism as that of Keno and the Australian people love to play pokies as well.

The advancement of gambling in the country all finds their roots in the Chinese gambling ideas that were developed centuries ago. It is also important to note that the craps are another important game in Australia that resembles the earlier form of Chinese gambling where dices were thrown to make sure that +7, 7 or -7 is the call made. If the call is correctly made then the person gambling wins.

Hyde Park in Sydney is the first place in Australia which has seen the first gambling incident in Australia back in 1810. The first sport that was ever bet upon was the racehorse that took place in the park. The lottery is also about 130+ years old in Australia and the first incident that was recorded in this regard was in the 1880s. Gambling was very limited in Australia till 1950 when the slots were made mandatory by the government in all the casinos countrywide. It is from this point that the Australians started to show real interest in gambling which will eventually force the government to opt for liberalism about the idea of gambling in Australia.

Other than China, the UK is the other country that has the significant impact on the idea of gambling in Australia. It is all because of the fact that for a significant part of history England has dominated the world in general and Australia in particular. It was not until recently that the online poker or gambling was introduced in the country. In 1998 first website was launched in Australia to provide the gambling services to the people that did not want to visit the casino physically. The first poker event was telecasted live in 2003 which attracted the large audience and the people also loved the game as it was fun and very easy money to make.